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Ok so I watched the new Star Wars film again. Not even ashamed at this point cos I'm in too deep since ages ago in this nerdery and I need a major distraction from all this gaudy festive season that's all around me.

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Really hope this is the last time I'm watching this shit.
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I have finally watched it. Omg.

Long-ass text behind the cut to clear my jumbled up thoughts.
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Omggggg I'm finally watching Star Wars on Friday. Like foreal. The real thing in 3D with old!leia and han and not some old school fan art from the now debunked SWEU. OMG.

The reviews have been great, and everyone's been praising the protagonist and Daisy Riley's performance. I'm just 1000% thrilled now. A woman's story. In a fucking Star Wars film.

What a time to be alive. (Until Friday at least)
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Finally a movie in the African continent with not a single melanin-deficient foreigner in a lead role, unless you count the native Albinos in the film.
This is easily my personal best film of 2013. Watch here.

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I was feeling depressed and morbid, so what better way to escape than into a depressing and morbid indie flick.

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“You, sir, are the most phantom-like of all: you are a mere dream.”

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“I didn’t understand. But life isn’t something one can understand, I suppose. There are all kinds of life, and sometimes the other side of the hill looks greener. What’s hardest for me is not knowing what living like this will ever come to. But obviously you can never know, no matter what sort of life you live. Somehow I can’t help but feel it would be better to have a little more to keep busy with.”

-- The man, The Woman in the Dunes, Abe Kobo

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I had to vomit this out in order to liberate some neurons for necessary renewal.

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