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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship.

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Most people would agree that one of the hardest things to commit to in any kind of relationship would be complete and enduring honesty. After all, honesty demands not only that we do not tell lies to the other person in the relationship, but also that we are constantly ready to bare our souls, warts and all, to this person. Speaking only truths is easy enough to accomplish, but withholding secrets to oneself is a bad habit most people find difficult to kick, especially when these secrets pertain to our very being, thus threatening to expose us, upon self-confession, to ridicule or rejection. Nevertheless, I believe that commitment to constant open communication is of utmost priority in any interpersonal relationship.

A relationship based on trust is often one that will be able to weather any storm it experiences. Any relationship, be it one of a romantic nature, a familial relation, or a business alliance, is based on a set of common goals that the people in that relationship all partake in. Subsequently, trust and communication between involved parties would guarantee that these goals are achieved, because everyone in the relationship would be fulfilling their respective roles towards accomplishing those goals. In contrast, mistrust within a relationship would impede the progress in heading towards that common purpose. Eventually, lack of trust might lead to the breakdown of a partnership. Hence, being honest with others in the relationship is paramount to the survival of the relationship.

Some would argue that there are certain situations in which telling the truth would actually be detrimental to a relationship, thus it would not be advisable to always utter only the truth, and nothing but the truth, to a partner. For example, some would rather tell a white lie, or keep an inconvenient truth secret, lest it leads to hurt feelings in their partner, rejection, or at worst, the dissolution of the relationship. However, I still assert that it is most important in any situation to be honest with the other person in the relationship. Despite the consequences, the recipient of any uncomfortable truth would ultimately still be grateful for the complete honesty they were afforded, as well as for the other person’s courage in confessing the truth. In many cases, such honesty is enough to redeem the relationship and salvage it from potential ruin. Indeed, consideration for the other person’s feelings is also a crucial necessity in any relationship, but the ability to be complete honest with each other in any given situation is still the most important aspect of any relationship.

While we might never achieve complete honesty in a relationship, flawed human beings as we all are, the attempt alone to always be open and truthful towards each other is enough consideration in holding onto a relationship. As the Golden Rule dictates, “Do unto others, as you would others unto you.” Perhaps with this in mind, committing to 100% honesty at all times in a relationship would not seem so hard at all.

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